Sunday, December 25, 2011

mock minutes of meeting

Minutes Of The Second Department Meeting Of Apple Services Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
Held On Wedneday, 23 November 2011-11-23
At 9.00 a.m. In The Meeting Room 1,
Apple Services Sdn. Bhd. Headquarters, Sungai Besi, Selangor Darul Ekhsan.

Present :
Mrs Siti Noratika binti Othman - Chairperson CEO Apple Services Sdn.Bhd.
Ms. Nur Husyani binti Mohd Hussein – Excutive of Advertisement Department
Ms. Ernifarha binti Ab Rahim – Executive of Finance Department (treasurer)
Ms. Anis Syazwani binti Abdul Halim – Secretary of Marketing Deparment
Mrs.Murnie Shakilla binti Shidan – Executive of Creativity Deparment

Absent : -

1.Chairperson’s Address
The chairperson called the meeting to order at 9.10 a.m. and welcomed all members.


2. Apologies For Absent.
There were no apologies for absent. All members attended the meeting.

3. Minutes of previous meeting.
There is no minutes of previous meeting because this is our first meeting.

Ms. Anis Syazwani binti Abd Halim

4. Matters arising out of the Last Minutes
Ms. Nur Husyani binti Mohd Hussein asked Mrs.Murnie Shakilla binti Shidan if the location of the office is decided or not. Mrs.Murnie Shakilla binti Shidan then inform the members that the location of the office is in Jakarta. Then ms. Ernifarha binti abdul Rahim informed that the budget for the new branch office is estimated around RM1.5 millions.

The  secretary informed the committee that she had received a letter of suggestion from Surabaya Agencies to open a new branch that can only fully perform by its own. The members agreed to accept the suggestion. It was agreed that Ms. Nur Husyani bt Mohd Hussin would respond to the suggestion from the Surabaya Agencies  and be in charge of organising the trip to Jakarta to observe the location.

Ms. Nur  Husyani binti mohd Hussein

6. Reports
The treasurer presented the latest report on the company’s financial standing.
Raw material

7. Special Business
The chairperson informed the members that as the company would be holding a new branch in Jakarta as before because our present company there is  just represented through an agency for many years. There were three important items should be discussed in the meeting. The first item under Special Business was the resident or expatriate. Ms Anis Syazwani bt Abdul Halim proposed, seconded by Ms. ErniFarha bt Ab. Rahim that the residents there consists of local and not many of foreigners. So it is the location to build up a company so that the local people can work as a team with the foreigner in the company. As the market in Indonesia is growing, it is the most suitable time to start up company and possibly can increase the job vacancies for the local people as well as the expatriate. Next, the staffing needs will consists of both Malaysian and Indonesian people. As we were build up a company there, so that there are some positions in the company would be filled by the Indonesians.

8. Any Other Business
Ms. Nur Husyani bt Mohd Hussin informed that around December 2011 we would send a representative to discuss with the agencies about this project. Then the members agreed to precede the project to next phase. Mrs. Murnie Shakilla bt Shidan mentioned that February 2012 is the right time to start the construction of the company. Later the chairperson suggested that all members think about the proper name of the new company. It will be discuss on the meeting.
Ms. Nur Husyani bt Mohd Hussin and Ms Anis Syazwani bt Abdul Halim agreed to find the details about the information of timing to start the project.

9. Date, Time and Venue of the Next Meeting
Due to many activities that would be held, the secretary would send out the notice closer to the date the meeting.

Ms. Anis Syazwani bt Abdul Halim

10. Close
The Chairperson thanked all members for their participation during the meeting and adjourned the meeting at 9.45 a.m.

....................................................                                         25 November 2011
Signed by
Mrs. Siti Noratika binti Othman

Recorded by
Ms Anis Syazwani bt Abdul Halim

Saturday, December 17, 2011




R314, Batu Tiga, Parit,
34299 Parit Buntar,
Seberang Samutra,
24 years old


2007-2011 : Obtained degree in Electrical Engineering (power industry) with honour from                            
                    Technical University of  Malacca (UTeM).
                    Related courses taken: Electrical Circuit    I and II, Circuit Analysis, Linear system,
                    Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Control & Instrumention, Electronic Devices,  
                    Electromagnetic Theory, Linear Algebra, Engineering Mathematics, Power                   
                    Generation & Transmission, Power System Analysis.

2006-2007:  Kedah matriculation collage,Malaysia (KMK) in Science Physical.

2001-2006 : Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, Sekolah Menengah Seri Perak, Perak in pure science.

·         Capable to using microsoft office and microsoft project
·         Capable to using Auto cad
Bahasa melayu


2010 :  Practical training with TNB Parit Buntar, Perak. Duties:generate power system.
2009 :  Engineering Practice at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia  Melaka.

Extracurircular activities

·         Active in Kor Sukarelawan siswa siswi (KOR SUKSIS)
·         Treasury of JAKSIS (Jawatankuasa Kolej Kediaman Bunga Raya) hostel in UTeM.
·         Active in outdoor activities such
·         Assistant Deputy Library Prefect  SMK Seri Perak.
·         Chess player  for Perak from SMK Seri Perak.
·         Collage game (rugby and futsal) in KMK
·         Physic  Facilitator, KMK
·         Facilitator in Programme Psychoacademic mathematics KMK

Cycling, travelling, doing outdoor activities


En. Azhar Bin Ahmad
Academic Advisor
Technical University of Malaysia Malacca,
Hang Tuah Jaya, 76100 Durian Tunggal, Malacca.

assngment electric circuit (ALARM)


BEKU 2233


SITI SYAHIRAH ABDUL MUTALIB                                B011010410
MURNIE SHAKILLA SHIDAN                                         B011010209
ERNIFARHA ABDUL RAHIM                                           B011010320
CHERISTINA ANAK LILY                                                B011010314

16th December 2011

The silicon-controlled switch as known as SCS is one of the family of four-layer pnpn device other than silicon-controlled rectifier, SCR, gate turn-off switch, GTO and many more. The purpose of this report done is to review the principle of operation of this silicon-controlled switch (SCS) in one of its application that is alarm circuit. Other than that, simulation using Microsim Psipce is done to prove that the operation of the circuit is same as theoretical acknowledgement. Basically, SCS is similar to the SCR in construction with the exception being the SCS has two gates. It can be turned off by either terminal.  Normally the SCR is available in power rating slower than SCR and has faster switching time than SCR. Either gate could fire the SCS and it is also can be turned on with negative pulse in anode gate. To turn it off, a positive pulse would be applied to anode gate or by applying positive pulse to cathode gate.This alarm circuit was built with the SCS taken as the main experimental component in its application. Others component that are used to build this circuit connection are voltage supply of 12 V, the resistive load, R, variable resistance, R, inductor load, L, diode, D and a switch to control the ON and OFF of the circuit. The RS in this circuit is represented as R3 which is represents a temperature, light or radiation resistor, that is an element whose resistance will decrease with the application of the three energy source listed. As the rate effect occurred that caused by stray capacitance levels between gates, the 100 kΩ resistor is included to overcome this problem. The results gained also proved the sufficient base current would turn the SCS on with the application of a high frequency transient.

  An alarm gives a warning signal to let people know that something has happened.  The most common form of alarm is likely to see is a burglar alarm on a house or other building. If the building is broken into, the burglar alarm gives a warning sound.  A modern alarm is an electronic system that can have many other uses.  For example, it can also warn of fire or high voltage levels. There is a difference between an alarm and a sensor system. Alarms continue to indicate that something has happened even if the cause stops.  e.g. A burglar opens a door and sets off an alarm.  Even if he closes the door the alarm continues. An electronic system that can continue to indicate that something has happened after the event has finished is known as a latch.
       In this alarm circuit there is R3 represent a temperature-, light-, or radiation-sensitive resistor, that is, an element whose resistance will decrease with the application of any of the three energy sources list above. The cathode gate potential is the determined by the divider relationship established by R3 and the variable resistor. However, if R3 decreases, the potential of the junction will increase until the SCS is forward-biased, causing the SCS to turn on and energize the alarm relay.
       SCS is silicon-controlled switch as shown below. They are a four layer pnpn device. The higher the anode gate current, the lower is the required anode-to-cathode voltage to turn the device on.

The 100kΩ resistor is included to reduce the possibility of an accidental triggering of the device through a phenomenon known as the rate effect. It is caused by the stray capacitance levels between gates. A high frequency transient can establish sufficient base current to turn the SCS on accidentally. The device is on or off by pressing the switch button, which open the conduction path of the SCS and reduce the anode current zero.       

Figure 1: alarm circuit


Voltage supply 12V
Resistive load, R
Variable resistance, R
Inductive load, L
Diode, D

Figure 1

In this assignment, we use MicroSim Pspice software to simulate the alarm circuit diagram. First, the components were placed as depicted in Figure 1 above. Then, the values of each component were set as the following below:
     R1= 100k ohm.
     R3 = 1k ohm
     R5 = 2k ohm
     L1 = 0.67H

After that, we were set voltage supply to 12V. Finally, we run the schematics.


Figure 2

Based on the simulation, the results that we get are:

Table 2

Current (A)


Based on the simulation that is done, silicon-controlled switch, SCS has been applied in the alarm circuit. R3 represents a temperature-, light- or radiation-sensitive resistor, that is, an element whose resistance will decrease with the application of any of the three energy sources listed above. The cathode gate potential is determined by the divider relationship established by RS and the variable resistor. Note that the gate potential is at approximately 0V if R3 equals the value set by the variable resistor since both resistors will have 12V across them. However, if R3 decreases, the potential of the junction will increase until SCS is forward-biased, causing the SCS to turn on and energize the alarm relay.
The 100kΩ resistor is included to reduce the possibility of an accidental triggering of the device through a phenomenon known as the rate effect. It is caused by the stray capacitance levels between gates. A high-frequency transient can establish sufficient base current to turn the SCS on accidentally. The device is on or off by pressing the switch button, which opens the conduction path of the SCS and reduce the anode current to zero.


The silicon-controlled switch, SCS has the same characteristics as those for the silicon-controlled rectifier, SCR. As in theoretical applied in this simulation, when t is less than zero (initial condition), the switch is closed or in ON mode and there is current flow through the inductor which is could be gained from the waveform of circuit simulation. Nonetheless, when t is equal to zero, the switch will be opened (OFF) and current will not pass through the inductor.
Low impedance characteristic occurred between the collector and emitter when there is a pulse applied to the circuit. The branch diverts anode current from the SCS and dropped it below the held value and turned it off. However, this turn-off characteristic is possible if the correct value of RS (R3) is employed.
The rate effect that caused by the stray capacitance levels between gates could be reduced by installed the 100 kΩ resistor. This simulation also proved that value of RS (R3) would affect the potential junction of this circuit. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

misteri j

sudah hampir sebulan yang berlalu.peristiwa itu masih terngiang ngiang di mindaku sehingga ke hari ini.masakan tidak.benda itu selalu saja berbunyi dan amat tidak  mententeramkan jiwa yang suci lagi murni.

abg.hg dgq dak bunyi tu??aku geram gila.aku cari xjumpa kot

mak?mak dgq  dak?kt mna ya.

puas aku mencari menonggeng dan menjengok ke sana ke mari namun hampa.

misteri ini menakutkan aku.terjadi pada waktu waktu yang setengah sahaja.sedang aku enak berbaring.bunyi itu mengangu hidupku.arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.apakah.!!!!dari mana datangnya

tikk tikk.12.30am

ahhhhhh!!!siot toi.jam mana nth bunyi.sudah sebulan aku mencari jam yg berbunyi hanya pada pkul setengah.
jam aku bukan jam abg bukn jam mak bukn jam abh pon bukan.

lembu lah!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


kan dah kata kosong.degil betul lah!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

lalat yang besaq giler!!

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzz zzz zzzzzzzzzzz zzzz

bunyi lalat ala-ala macam bunyi keta abah bila abang yang bawak.pasti mati tak sampai 2 saat.ha ha!!!

zzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz..

lalat tua yang besaq gedempol sedang menari nari di hadapan laptopku ini
apa kejadah kau lalat.sibuk la.aku nak men game pon payah.

ketepeekkkk!!!aku menampaq skrin laptop ku.ah ! tak kena! laptop aku yang bergoyang kesana kemari

oOoo nak lawan ya.

aku mula mencapai purse tempat letak phne.

uishh x kena!!!aitt.mana lalat nih.mai sini lagi siap ang.nek men game pon tak bes.

zzzz zz
ah pekkkk!!!!!haha.mana ang haa??lalat itu jatuh dan hilang dalam kegelapan.haha!!
arghhhhhhhh game aku!tertekan len plok.ishh dah la sehari aku tunggu game ni hag..huuu
empangan tasik kenyir tol.

zzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
aishh hidup balik..
kita aimm
kita aimmm
yaaaa aimm lagi
ketepekk pekk ketepekkk pekkkkkkkkkkkkk pekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!
haha.akhirnya berjaya~~

Friday, July 29, 2011

sisa sisa

sedang aku seronok menyanyikan lagu polis.

polis sedia berkhidmat kerna negeri dan rakyat,
hidup berbahagia aman sentosa
polis sedia berkhidmat

tetiba kepala aku pening bagaikan ada 5biji durian hempap atas helmet aku.Ah , sungguh berat lagi nak terbalik.
aduhhh! bila nak sampai rumah ni. dah x tahn sakit kpla. sakit ngt aihhhhh.untuk ambil mood nek moto.aku menukar gaya moto dengan wat aksi x beberapa bodoh ja.haha.aku pon wt aksi batman.prennnggggg.bawak laju laju.weng weng.oOoo fuyooooooooo oh.

laju lagi laju lagi

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!oh katak melintas.alamak!!!huhu arwah dah pa katak tu.kesian.tak sempat brek.yela kaki kat pijak belkg.huhu

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sampai umah.haa lega.



aku mula amik maya ag kat arunlee.
hmm.pening x hilg bole la gagah perkasa.
atas moto sorg sorg.menanyi la.lalalalalalaalalalal
sampai ja kat maya.aku melihat sekotak kotak yang sangat cantik. eh, mcm hadiah.
sapa bagi ni? aku bukk kotk tu. eh baju. cantik.
sapa bagi ?
pakwe aku bagi.haha
gluppp,tersentap aku. sedey ja ttba. nak jugak.huhu. even aku taw mya tipu.maya mn ada pkwe.ada pkwe berani.aku belasah kang.sekolh x abiz ag.

ermm can i get smethng like tht?
who will gv it to me?
ghost? haha
berangan ja la muni.
sapa nk bg? haha
tunggu adik besaq la.
adik,ani kan suka bg kat adik mcm2.kat aya pon ani x beli ag.haaa.adik bg kt ani taw.
bole x nak hadiah lam kotak?
ah, berangn . tunggu la jtuh dri langit. huhu

aku meredah jalan yang bernyawa dengan enjin enjin kereta. merenung masa depan. adakah sesuatu yang indah menanti ?ataupon lebey banyak lagi perkara yang meyakitkan dan aku perlu kuat untuk tempuh?

budak gemuk

saya budak gemuk yang suka makan bila nak makan saya la yang msak.lalalalalal.lululululul.lilililliliilil



teloq nak jdi model saya~
cuba teka apa dia?
oh saya la teloq
teloq masak 3 rasa tmbh limau.ha ha ha

org kta bwg potng dadu tapi aku rimas potg dadu.jadi aku potg 3 segi.ahak!menarik siot 3 segi.
duk sorg2 ni la kejanya.perabiz brg kt umh.
aku mula strt msk bila nek sekolh mengh.
duk ngn tok.tolg sikit2
strt tok sakit.aku plk yg mask.
tok dh xda.AL-FATIHAH
then mcm biasa ja msk.xdak yg strt mak plk sakit.mmg rumh kacau bilau.yela xdak pemaisuri kt umh
so i learn to b more responsible.
abg xda.ada abh aku ngn adik2.
kena jg mak lagi.jg adik lagi.abh pon aku tgk dh x terurus.kecian.
so strt dri c 2 aku mula mmsk lagi serius.
tp xlma pon aku kt umh sbb aku sty kt hospitl bpa buln nth x ingt dh.tpi bebuln la aku sty kt hospitl jg mak.x g sekolh.heeee.rindu aku kt meja aku tym tu.ahakk!aku balik sekolh pon sebb cikgu dtg rumh esok nk exm.
aku jwb dlm dewn smbil nges2.
sedey la plok.hehe
tpi yg x ley bla tym exm addmt aku xdpt trima.jd aku wt2 tidoq even mak dh kol suh bngun g sekolh.msa tu mak dh siht sikit sbb tu aku bole blik.
ngahahah..jd kesimpulnnya aku dpt trima risiko.maya adik ngn aku semua x g sekolh.ahak!abh blik.abiz aku kena mrh.tkpa jnji aku x amik exm addmt tym tu.kah3.aku amik hari lain.
seb bek la result x teruk sgt.jtuh la ank tngga no 4.
masa dpt result tu,temenung aku sorg2.bnyknya dugaan dlm 2 thun.mula2 tok lps tu mak.
aku masa tu mcm hulk ogen.sbb sapa ag nk jg mak.sapa ag nk jg adik.mmg abh pecya x.dlm rumh klu xdak ppuan mmg laa serabut.
raya aku pon kt hospitl.lebey rela raya kt hospitl dri rya xdak mak.huhu.

aitt melaluk dh.ngahahahah

ok bila kt mtrix.aku dpt club kaunseling.apalaaa nsib.gila skema!!!mcm sekolh.aku nk club basikt.bole racing ngn mmb.trima jalaa.then ttba lect tukaq jd kelb memsk.arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
kat c 2 aku main mask2 lagi dengn budk2 x reti msk.msk cucuq udg pon hangit.siot betui.
msk megi x jd megi.ngahahah.keciannn.

pasai pa megi dia x jd megi.ok mai aku crita.mmb aku ni llaki,ank org kaya sesangt.skema.dan tidk dibenarkan masuk dapuq oleh mak megi dia aku tgk dh mcm munth.hijau ja.

bg aku la.lelaki ka ponpuan ka.msti thu gak memasak.bukn untuk sesiapa tpi untuk dri sendiri.mknn tu keperluan apa.xkn nk mkn megi hari2.gila!
kaya mna pon/mn nk taw  1 hari kita dibwh.dah la xtaw msk.lapaq pula.xdak duit ag.ish3

aku nyampah toi kelb memask.haha.msk kt umh.msk kt mtrix.adoiii.

tapi aku x la tere mask.lau nk sesuatu tu kena gk tgk resepi sbb bole la hidup bole la mkn ag kn

bila mak dh siht msti la mak nk masak kan.ppuan mmg cmni.xle lari dri masak.

tapi lama2 dari x suka masak aku jdi suka plak.sebb nth.aku suka laaa.haha.

aku suka sebab bila aku masak org mkn sampai abiz even masin.haha

lelaki idaman aku dulu adlh seorang chef.sebb aku asa chef tu macho.then dia xmalu pon masak.see.tabik la sapa laki2 jadi chef.

bila dh duk rumh lama2 ni.cita2 ku mcm dh betukaq plak.dri nk jd engneer.aku asa syok ag jd suri rumh.hehe
uruskan rumah.bla bla blaa...
sruh adik mndi bla bla bla.
mak pon dh x tension sbb kt umh semua aku yg buat.maya pon aku yg antaq 2sion.

bila org bekerja.tgk rumh cm tongkakng pech.perghhhh.mmg ag rimas nk mati.sbb tu aku x kish wt semua keja.bukn sush pon.xkuaq pluh lak 2.ingt bru nk kurus.ngahahahahahaah

merepek la.pnjg plka tu.dh la bhsa pon cm hapa.haha..


Thursday, July 28, 2011

alhamdulillah,hidup lagi

dum dum dum dum.

alamakkk  nak guruh ka apa nih?aku mulai ketakutan sambil mataku lagi kuat untuk pejam.

dum dum dum..wuarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahaha

hah!!!apakah raksasa mana plak itu.serius takut ni.dah la sorang sorang

muniiii!!!!!bila nak bangun haaa.dah pkul berapa dah ni?

aitt.macam biasa kudegar itu suara.kugagahkan mencelit mata dan kuhayati betul betul suara itu

dum dum dum.!!muni bangun bangun

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa abah laaa.hahahaha. uarghhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaa muni bngun la ni .muni bngun lama dah tadi antaq maya g sekolah.'sroooot srooot'.sambil menarik lebihn ingus didlm rongga idung.

oh selekehnya~

sreeekkkkkkkkkkk aku membuka pintu mengspy abah.abah lalu ja aku nak buat buat la p mandi.ahakk

oh memang selekeh~

chaaaaaaaaaaakkk dah mndi pon.
rumas dah kemas.aku kemas semlm lagi.supya x pent pg ni.haha
tgk abh beli apa arini..ooooo kerang laaa.
ikan ag..
ingat ermmm nk buat kerg bakaq laa dengn ayaq asamm.ikan x taw lak nk buat apa.
nak buat yg bess2 bhn lak xdak.huuuu.apalaa nasib.xplaa jnji bole makan ye.

abahhhhhhhhhhh sakit bahu la.

ang buat apa sampai sakit.buas.amik kunci moto sat.

abah nak p mana plak?

abah nak bayaq duit la.

abah sabtu ni makteh,paklon,makngah,kak shariza,kak siti balik.


abah satni beli sat teloq

abah dh beli ikan nk wtpa teloq?

laaa beli ja laa.abah satni abah beli sos

laaa sos nak buat apa.xpyh

beli gak.lalalalal.(aku xckp pon cmtu)haha

brommm brooommmm

abah start moto biru syg dan terus pergi leps dri pndngn.

aku masuk dan amik salonpas dan ketepek kat bahu..sakit hbaq ang.apaaaaa???ingt tipu??doalaa nak sakit cm aku.t rasa la.hahahahahaha

lapaq laaa plok.

selekeh nya ang muni~

sekian terima kaseh

ni pon merapu!

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